Excerpts from Mom – 1

I love my mother. She is funny, but not always intentionally. Most of the time it’s because she half-listens to conversations. Because of this, her contributions to the topic at hand isn’t always on point. For example: She just stopped by to ask if I would join her for a spa treatment next Thursday (she won a treatment and can bring a couple of people). download (7)

Me: “I’m not sure. My employer and I are discussing my hours next week, so I might have to work. She said that now that May is coming we’ll be getting busier.” (My job is seasonal so in the winter I only work two days a week.)

Mom: “Who’s May?”

Me with narrowed eyes: “The month of May!”

Mom: “Oh!” and she starts to laugh

Me to my daughter: “Now you know where you get it from.”

We all had a good laugh. My mom even slapped her knees. I told her thanks for the idea and that I would entitle it Excerpts from Mom. Notice I put the number “1” in front of it. She is sure to give me more.

download (5)


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