The Elusive Maycept?!

As May rolls around I am reminded of a question my daughter asked my husband and I many years ago. She was about ten years old (give or take a year). The four of us were traveling in the car to who-knows-where when her inquisitive voice piped up from the back seat.

Daughter: Mom, what’s a maycept?

Me: A what?

Daughter: A maycept,

I turned to my husband: What is she talking about?

Hubby: What do you mean?

Daughter: A maycept, what’s a maycept?

Me: I don’t know what you mean.

Daughter, sounding a little exasperated: The sign we just passed. It was yellow with a picture that kind of looked like a turtle and it said maycept.

Hubby and I laughed are heads off while daughter and her younger brother sat quietly and were quiet puzzled, I’m sure.

Me (once laughter was contained): It’s a turtle crossing sign warning drivers to be careful of turtles crossing the road between the months of May to September – May-Sept.

Daughter: Oooohhh! Now I get it. (This may or may not have been what she said. I don’t remember, we were probably still laughing).

Me: That was good. I’m sure I’ll remember that one – Maycept! (shaking my head)

Out of the mouths of babes


This isn’t exactly the sign. I think the one she saw is more May-Sept (with a hyphen instead of an arrow). I also believe the turtle might be a little more abstract.

If you have young children write down the precious and funny things they say and do. I wish I had thought of doing that years ago, because boy I’d have a lot to blog about. 🙂 Time waits for no one so enjoy those funny family moments.


12 thoughts on “The Elusive Maycept?!

  1. I would of been asking the same thing, I have never seen a sign like that hahaha. That is funny though, I have a four year old she is always saying hilarious things. If you are ever having a bad day, go talk to your kid, because they will surely cheer you up 😀


    1. Also, when they are at that age and you can’t find something, they are the best ones to ask. I used to ask my kids all the time where something was and they always knew. Either because they put it there or watched me in my absent mindedness. I hope you are recording your daughter’s antics.

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      1. Definitely I have the mind of a 90 year old lady so she is always a great help when I lose things. I am doing my best to record them, though it is a daily thing and some days I must admit I am lazy haha.


  2. From the mouths of babes is right!! What a great memory for you and your husband. I wanted to stop in and say “hi!” I look forward to following your journey!!


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