My Daughter has a Green Thumb…. Maybe!

20140705_141139My 22 year-old daughter has decided to plant a vegetable garden. She has never really showed much of an interest in gardening before, so I am happy she is trying something new. Last weekend we (hubby, daughter, son & myself) stopped at a Canadian Tire store for her to make some purchases. She was rather like a small child confronted by a large table of food, where the eyes are too big for the stomach. In her case it was more like her eyes were too big for her “green thumb” (the case is still out on the green thumb statement).  While the intent was for her too pick up a few packages of vegetable seeds she was suddenly bombarded by flower seeds and bulbs as well. She sorted through the numerous packages.

Daughter (holding up a bag of Dahlia bulbs): “These are pretty, can I plant these?”

Me: “You’ll have to dig them up in the winter.”

Daughter: “What?” She turned the bag over and read that they were not winter hardy. She continued to grab other bags of bulbs only to find that none of the bulbs were winter hardy.

I left her to her seed hunting business while I moved on to other parts of the store. While looking for something else I came across a “garden gift bag”.  It contained a pot, three different types of flowering bulbs, and dirt. The idea is to layer the bulbs in three different layers inside the pot. The result being 8 to 10 weeks of flowers – easy peasy! I grabbed the bag and searched the store for the rest of my family.

Me (handing my daughter the garden bag): “Here!”

Daughter: “What’s this?”

Me: “Flower bulbs. You just plant them in layers and you will have flowers for up to ten weeks.”

Daughter: “I don’t understand.”

Me (showing her the illustration on the tag on the outside of the bag): “Look!”

Hubby: “It’s idiot proof.”

Daughter (confused): “I still don’t get it.”

We laughed, shook our heads and proceeded to the checkout.

A week later and my daughter has her small 4′ x 4′ container garden planted outside (she had to encircle it with a chicken wire fence which she constructed herself to keep the dog out) and has started other seeds inside a small greenhouse type container in the house. Unfortunately, I did not notice that she had purchased tomato seeds and pepper seeds. I told her it’s likely a little too late for those but she planted them anyway. I give her credit for her perseverance. As for the green thumbs it’s still too early to tell, but I’ll let you know. Oh! And the bulbs? – she figured it out (she really is smart) and bought a nicer container than the one that they came with. I’ll let you know about those, too!

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