Absent Minded Me

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I have been accused of being absent minded by many people – teachers, family, and I admit it’s true. I can focus for hours on some tasks, not thinking about anything else until what I’m working on is completed. At the same time, if a task is mundane or easy, my mind will wander in many different directions. It might head off into the near future, planning and preparing for something else that I have to do; the distant past as I suddenly remember something; or more often into story-land where present and future characters begin telling me their stories at usually the most inopportune times. Usually when my mind wanders I misplace things, or forget mid-sentence what I was talking about. Last week, however, takes the cake.

So, last week I went to bed, like I do every night. Then, like I do every morning, I got up. I did a quick search for my glasses in the usual places, like my night stand or dresser. They weren’t there. Just to briefly explain something before I continue. My house is pretty old and my and my husband’s bedroom isn’t very bright. It has sloped ceilings and one small window. The  window is closer to the floor as it is on the straight part of the wall which is only about four feet or so high before it slopes. Now, back to my story. I headed into the washroom, a much brighter room, where my husband was brushing his teeth and all of a sudden there were my glasses – on my face. I could see the edges of the frame in the brighter light. What!! Yup, somehow my glasses were on my face. I had no idea how they got there. I certainly didn’t find them when I was searching for them and put them on. I asked my husband, who had been talking to me before I got out of bed, if he noticed my glasses on my face. He said he hadn’t paid much attention. So my conclusion is that I went to bed with my glasses on. Since I sleep mostly on my back, I didn’t feel them. And if and when I did sleep on my side, I was too asleep to notice. Besides, I have caught myself climbing into bed a couple of times with my glasses on.

So, does anyone else want to admit they’ve done something similar? And yes, I probably would lose my head if it wasn’t attached or at least temporarily.


6 thoughts on “Absent Minded Me

  1. Hello Sandra Jackson!
    I have fallen asleep with my glasses on, usually this happens on a couch rather than the bed. I cannot sleep on my side on the bed with them because they get pushed sideways and are uncomfortable to wear.

    If I have been wearing my glasses for a long time I do not see my frames but if I am thinking about it, trying to look out of my peripheral vision, or just put them on I can see the side of my frames.

    P.S. I am almost done with your questions. There are so many! I have been hand writing them and my answers and then typing them up in a Word Document. I am actually working on them now. I should have a full set of replies for you tomorrow night (which is really tonight(the 13th)) or the afternoon/evening of Sunday the 14th.

    P.S.S. Will it be okay with you if I start using Sandra to comment and reply to your posts? Or How would you prefer to be addressed as in the comments and replies?


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