Another Year Over

downloadLast week my son (my youngest) graduated from high school. He made us proud and even picked up a couple of awards and acollades. And like I have every year since my children began going to school, I  found myself feeling a little sad that another school year was over. Mind you I was a little more sentimental this year, however my son is doing what we now call a victory lap (formerly known as grade 13). He and about half of the graduates, if not more, are returning to high school in the fall. Mainly because so many of them don’t know what they want to do when they grow up. I mean really how many 18 year-olds know. I certainly didn’t, I thought I did but ended up not really working in the field I took in college. Then again, I was almost obsolete about 6 months after I graduated when computers became the main focus.

If you are wondering, I took graphic design. We learned how to use t-squares, ruling pens etc. When computers hit the scene all that manual designing stuff took a backseat. I have since worked in retail, ran a home day care, worked as an administrative assistant for 13 years, and am presently a bookkeeper and payroll administrator. Now my passion is writing and it probably always has been, it just took me awhile to get there.

I definitely don’t blame those kids for not knowing what they want to do. Luckily for them them  they are growing up in an age where it’s perfectly acceptable to change careers. Luckily for me I will have another year to get used to the idea of my son heading off to college or university and pursuing whatever dreams he might have.


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