Photo Diary of a Storm

A storm was brewing while we were preparing dinner tonight. I captured several photographs on my Samsung Galaxy 4 cell phone at different phases of the storm. The only thing I did not capture was the lightning for two reasons. 1) My finger simply isn’t fast enough on the button and 2) I really didn’t want to stand outside in the lightning. The only remnant of the storm is a pile of hail at the front door and some leaves. Notice the colour variation between the photographs. I did not use any special feature, only the auto mode.

20150801_190237The calm before the storm

20150801_190315Storm clouds are rolling in

20150801_190655Rumbling in the distance

20150801_193307Raining cats and dogs! Actually water and dime to pea sized hail.

20150801_194409The sun was trying to poke through the clouds, the rain, and the hail.

20150801_194830Eureka! Here comes the sun, do, do, do, do, (sorry for the ear worm if you know the song :D).

20150801_200146Double rainbow!

20150801_203217Now the sunset is painting the sky.

20150801_203316The fog is rolling in.

20150801_203406Ever changing skies

20150801_203426Red and purple clouds

20150801_203430A slight change of position and the clouds become a different colour.

20150801_203526Streaks of hail through the lawn.

20150801_210527And a pile at my front door.


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