To Sleep-in or Not to Sleep-in


time-782926_1280I should have slept-in but instead I was up just before 7 AM and by 7:40 I was typing this blog while contemplating what to have for breakfast. My husband and daughter have already left for work and soon my son will be gone. I have the house and the day to myself. But why should I have slept-in, you wonder. Well isn’t that what I’m supposed to do on my day off? It’s at least what I used to do. Now the only time I want to sleep in are on the days which require me to get up and go to work. I don’t even get up that early for work, it’s anywhere between 7:00 and 7:15, though it’s usually the latter. However, give me a day off and I’m up with the birds. Well not really, but you get my point. It doesn’t matter how much my body wants to stay in bed once my brain starts yelling “Cease the day! There is work to be done!” sleeping-in is a lost cause.

My brain, however, is right. With two blogs, this one and another on my website, and two WIPs (work in progress), and posts to social media outlets, I do have work, but it’s enjoyable work. If I could do it for a living I would – I’m trying.

Today I plan on taking advantage of my time and getting down to business. I have another blog post to prepare, I am a few chapters away from finishing the rewrite/editing of WIP #1,  and I believe I have a couple of award nominations for this blog that I need to respond to. But first there is the matter of breakfast and coffee, with all the writing I’m planning on doing, I need to fuel my brain.

Cease the day! Time waits for no one.



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