The 777 Writer’s Challenge


I happily accept Kay Morris’ invite to participate in the 777 Writer’s Challenge.

The rules are:  I am to go to the 7th page of my WIP, find the 7th sentence on that page, and then paste the following 7 sentences into my blog post. And then select 7 other writers for the challenge!

At the moment I am working on two WIPs one is complete and I in the process of a final read through. The second story is nearing completion. Hmmm which one do I chose? Well I think it will be the one that is complete. There still may need to be some final polishing but here is the excerpt from Playing in the Rain.

I turned gradually; rivulets of water ran down my body and slowly evaporated. I combed my fingers through my hair and worked out some of the tangles that had formed while washing. I leaned forward, my hair hung down; the warm air blew it around wildly. I resisted the urge to close my eyes and stared at my feet instead. Soon the light would flicker and my time in the blowers would be over.

I pulled open the mirror and removed a plastic wrapped toothbrush and a one-use packet of toothpaste. The toothbrush was like everything else in the room – white and very temporary.

I would like to encourage the following bloggers to join the fun and participate in the 777 Challenge:

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