Unrelenting Earworm

Have you ever woken up with a song in your head? Not just any song, like from the movie you watched the night before, but a song you haven’t thought of or heard in years. A song that may have been sung by someone you listened to as a kid or teen. Or worse, a song you hated.

This morning it happened to me and this one really takes the cake (or at least for the time being until the next time around).

Warning: if you are of a certain age (and have heard the song) the mere mentioning of the title may evoke an earworm.

Without further ado the song in question was: Da Doo Ron Ron – the Shaun Cassidy version.

I remember watching the Hardy Boys and loving Shaun Cassidy and when I found out that he sung, I remember getting his album. I’m pretty sure that I liked the song in question too at one time, but not as an earworm.

I am happy to say that once I got to work the earworm went away until now. Now it’s in my head again and I can only hope it doesn’t continue when I go to bed.

For your listening pleasure (or not) a live version:



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