I am on a Mission

What is this mission you ask? Well, quite simply it’s attaining more Facebook Page likes. Why? Because of all the social media outlets where I have accounts this one seems the hardest for me to get a handle on. I have had a page for a year now and I have 210 likes. I used to think the hardest part of writing was editing. Then I thought it was marketing. But really (for me anyway) it’s Facebook – my nemesis. Okay, it’s not “really” my nemesis, but it’s tough. And you know what “they” say – when the going gets tough, the tough get going. 

So, Facebook Page, I won’t let you drag me down. Instead, I will set a goal (but nothing too far fetched), I’d be happy with 250 likes by the end of the year.

BTW if you want me to like your page send me the link, I’d be happy to and I won’t like you then leave you.



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