An Unclear Path

Her body aches. Her mind is numb. She has spent the last hour baring her soul to her pillow, hoping her tears will bring her sleep and peace. But sleep won’t come.

She’s not sick. She’s just tired. Tired of not knowing what her future holds, tired of looking back on her past and drowning in her memories – tired of being tired. 

She is everything to some and nothing to many. Even when she is surrounded she feels alone.

“Please tell me what I’m supposed to do. Who am I supposed to be?” she whispers to the darkness that envelops her. Soft snores and the even breaths of her family break the heavy silence that is trying to crush her. 

Her eyelids grow heavy as she waits for an answer – hopeful that it will come in a dream. 

She awakes, another day has begun, another day to try – to start over. She is steadfast in her resolve and her goals, in the changes she wants to make in herself. But by day’s end the broken promises of others once again shatter her will.

“Please,” she whispers to the dark as her throat tightens and unshed tears burn her eyes. “Tell me who I am.”


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