Writerly Wednesday – In the Eye of the Beholder

unnamed (7)

The rabbit stood alone, the last of his kind, actually of any kind. All the cute, plush Easter toys had been bought days ago. This shaggy, straw-like bunny was all that was left.

I sighed and stared at the lonely toy. My eyes took in his clothing, his little blackboard, and the glob of blue glue that held it in his hands. He was far from perfect, but there was something in his brown, glass eyes that urged me to pick him. I reached out and plucked him from the shelf; his fur was rough under my hands.

I bit my lip as I handed my niece her gift. She carefully pulled out the tissue and then the rabbit. Her eyes grew big as did the grin that stretched from ear to ear.

“Best bunny ever,” she squealed.

I looked at the rabbit. His eyes sparkled – he wasn’t lonely anymore.

Flash fiction prompt provided by http://www.writerlycorner.com/writerly-prompts/writerly-wednesday-3302016


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