Are you an HSP?

Yes, I think I am.

HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) this is really a thing. I know because I just came across it 2 minutes ago – right here. I have always known I was sensitive but I didn’t really know there was a study done on this. I’ve heard of terms like being over-sensitive and it always seemed to have a negative connotation to it. This article put it more into perspective.

Now, why did I look this up? Well I was actually looking up what term could be used for someone who cries easily and that’s what I found. I was looking it up because, once again, I found myself emotional and felt, I don’t want to say embarrassed, but more like “am I the only one who gets this way?” kind of feeling.

What brought it on? Tonight, I was at my son’s last athletic banquet for his high school (he heads for university in the fall). He won some awards (coach’s award, most improved player, major athletic letter, and academic-athlete award) none of which made me feel like crying, though I was very proud. Then they began announcing the major awards – you know like junior and senior male and female athletes etc. These awards are always a surprise. Last year he won the Bob Parish Award (in memory of the town’s police chief). This year my son won another major award and one that I felt was a great honour – The Randy Payne Captain’s Award. My eyes filled with tears and my heart with pride as it was announced that my son was the recipient of this award. I had to keep my head down as I felt my face contort with emotion. When I composed myself, somewhat, I was able to look up and snap a picture of him receiving the award. I wish this wouldn’t happen to me – but it always does.

When I was younger, and still now, I cry when taps are played at Remembrance Day ceremonies . I have cried at a Sears commercial. There are even songs that I can’t sing because the words are so moving that I start to cry. I basically cry at anything that is touching and heartfelt. I guess I truly where my heart on my sleeve (even the definition of this expression states that it is a negative thing). But you know what, that’s who I am and it’s not going to change. And I’m okay with that.

Anyone else an HSP?

Here are pictures of the award that choked me up.




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