Writerly Wednesday – Puppy Dog Tales

unnamed (18)

When the small human approached me with a strange thing in his hand, I thought he wanted to play fetch. I sat down and wagged my tail. I put on my happy face, waiting for him to throw what he carried in his little hand. I couldn’t help but bark and jump; I was so excited my whole body wagged. I kept waiting for him to throw it, but he wouldn’t.  Instead he put something on my face. It feels weird and I don’t like it. I can’t see right. I know I ate the last bit of that cold creamy stuff in the human’s bowl, but I thought he wanted me to; he put it down right in front of me. Was that it? Is that why I’m in trouble?

I lowered my head and slinked away quietly to a nice shady patch of green. What did I do?

Flash fiction prompt provided by http://www.writerlycorner.com/writerly-prompts/writerly-wednesday-6292016.


6 thoughts on “Writerly Wednesday – Puppy Dog Tales

    1. Thanks, June. I wasn’t sure what I was going to write when I saw the prompt. So I thought I’d write it from the dog’s point of view. It was fun. I noticed you hadn’t posted one. I hope the “too much going on” is good stuff. 🙂


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