Writerly Wednesday – I Will Miss You the Most


Sharon had spent a good part of a week working on that scarecrow. A couple of hours one night, a few minutes the next. When it was finished she couldn’t wait to show it off to the world, or at least to anyone who happened to drive by.

The scarecrow was placed near the driveway and greeted every visitor with his smile, on the other side of the driveway stood the For Sale sign.

A week later, Sharon packed up the last of the boxes. The movers had come and gone, and her husband filled the car with rest of their belongings.

As they backed down the driveway, Sharon caught sight of the scarecrow; she’d decided to leave him behind as a welcome gift.

“You okay?” Paul asked.

Sharon nodded. The scarecrow’s smile reassured her as she wished him a silent goodbye. After several years, they were finally going home.

Flash fiction prompt provided by http://www.writerlycorner.com/writerly-prompts/writerly-wednesday-11232016.

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