Frustration, Fear – Hope

I don’t immerse myself in the politics of other countries nor do I normally voice my opinion about such things. However, these days I find my frustration and fear growing every time I turn on the TV. As much as I don’t want to watch I can’t help but be curious. Unfortunately, I have yet to see or read anything to put my mind at ease.

When I’d first heard Donald Trump was running, I laughed a little. I thought surely it was a joke and believed he wouldn’t get far, but a very small, curious side of me wondered what would happen if he did become president. However, at the time, I really thought the possibility was small and my thought was just that – a thought – and nothing would come of it. I believed most would clearly see his narcissistic tendencies (if researched, an opinion of many – psychologists included) and that his ideas, proposals (whatever you want to call them) posed a threat. After all if I could see it, surely the majority of voters could too.

I was completely boggled, gobsmacked, and stunned when he actually became the Republican Presidential Nominee. I couldn’t believe he’d gone that far, but I still had hope. And while I understood there were many who felt neither nominee was fit for the job, I hoped they would vote for what was deemed by some as the lesser of two evils. Surely voters would come to their senses and not allow this joke to go any further. That small, curious side of me was silenced.

I was frustrated, shocked, and angry when he won the presidential election. All I thought was how could this happen when the whole world, the – whole – world, thought it was a bad idea.

I am concerned, fearful, and still angry. This morning’s news about the protests at airports due to Trump’s immigration ban did not help. I tried not to watch and eventually left the room because it frustrated me. I then read some tweets from voters who now regret their choice and I shook my head. With tweets like “stop worrying about your ego and focus on the country”,  I couldn’t help but wonder what it is about narcissism that wasn’t understood? I  want to say you made your bed, now lie in it to those who regret their choice.  I want to say you have no right to complain to those who didn’t make any choice.

There is a hopeful and optimistic voice in my head and heart and it whispers “it will be okay, somehow, someway, all will be right with the world again”.  I will hold on to this and I truly hope love, empathy, understanding, patience, trust, equality, compromise, and mutual respect, trumps Trump.


6 thoughts on “Frustration, Fear – Hope

      1. Dear Sandra!
        Yes! Whatever World is we need not get 😨 scared.
        Being to our ownselves we need not.
        Meanwhile I recommend you to read My Post “I Cease to See”now on the front page, peep in to the commentary also.
        Furthermore over there.

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  1. Back when there was a Nixon administration and a war in Vietnam, my husband and his friends went to another friends’ house. They were all against the war and were shocked to see their friend had a poster of Nixon on his wall. They asked him why on earth he had the poster. He said because Nixon was a poster child for all that Americans were against. Good would come from thiose times and the American people would rise above Nixon and the war. He said he kept the poster to remind him to be hopeful and not live in despair. I truly believe Trump will do the same thing. It’s hard not to be scared and wonder how he could rise to power in a democratic and powerful country like the US but that’s another discussion. Hang onto hope.

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  2. I feel what you eloquently expressed. But of more concern to me are the family members and friends who support what Trump stands for and for the actions he has recently taken. It’s a real grief of mind and heart. One of my hopes is that people will come together in this country and will learn not to take freedom for granted–especially freedom of speech, thought, and the press. I also see a renewed interest in the U.S. Constitution as another positive result of Trump’s administration.

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