Hold onto your Hats

So on the way to work this morning I heard a rather funny, annoying, and disturbing statistic. First I thought it was funny, then I was annoyed, and now I am concerned. 

Here’s the part where you hold onto your  hats. According to a survey 7% of adult Americans believe that chocolate milk comes from a brown cow. That 7% equates to appoximately 17.3 million people. WTF!!!

I laughed at first because I thought it must be a joke. The radio personalities had to be joking. They weren’t. 

I was annoyed because I couldn’t believe people could be so _____ (insert your own term). 

Now I’m concerned. Are these same people allowed to drive or operate heavy machinery? I’m also curious and wonder what the results would reveal if this same survey was conducted in other parts of the world.

So what’s the point of this post? Part of it is to just get what I feel is a disturbing fact off my chest. The other part is to say if you don’t know something, wonder if it’s true, are confused – look it up. At the very least you could read the ingredients on a carton of chocolate milk. 


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