#SoCS – Shortcut/Cut Short – Take Heed

Harley stopped and stared down the alley. Her mother’s warning whispered in her ear. She shook her head. She had no choice, she would be late if she didn’t.

Harley looked up at the darkening sky. The wind picked up as black clouds swirled overhead, it was going to rain any second.

She stepped into the alley and froze in place. Something inside her told her to turn around but she fought the urge and continued. Her heart kept pace with her echoed steps. Harley swallowed down the fear that slowly rose from the pit of her stomach. Her mother’s voice whispered a little louder.

Pedestrians strolled passed the other side, close enough for her to see but far enough for them not to notice her.

Harley’s pace quickened, the feeling of being watched made the skin bump up on her arms. Almost there, she told herself loud enough to drown out her mother’s voice.

The sound of clanging behind her made her heart jump. Harley whipped around just in time to catch the glint of the blade plunging toward her. Why didn’t I listen, Harley’s mind cried out it’s final thought.

Harley’s body lay crumpled in a crimson pool. She would not make it home in time for dinner. Her life cut-short.


The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Nov. 4/17

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