Photo Challenge – Ascend


I feel like I have posted anything in weeks. Anyway, when I saw the prompt for this week’s photo challenge I had to participate.

The photograph immediately came to mind. I took it while ascending a steep staircase on the side of a hill in Newfoundland at Signal Hill. Walking down was much easier than walking back up. What amazed me were the number of locals that climbed up and down these stairs and trails (both walking and running) for their daily exercise as well as some with their dogs. I was afraid to let go of the handrail on the way back up. Even when a I met someone coming down the stairs (a local exercising) I tried to give up the hand rail and move to the side for her but couldn’t do it and apologized for not being able to move away from the rail. She smiled and said that was perfectly fine she was used to going up and down the stairs.

Before I post the ascent I have to post the descent. I took this on the first set of stairs on the way down. If you zoom in on the picture you can see a pair of red Adirondack chairs at the bottom of the furthest hill in the picture. This is how far we walked. I wanted to walk up to the top of that hill but when I looked back at how far we had come I couldn’t go any further knowing I had to climb back up.

This is the ascent back up the stairs. That’s my husband up ahead of me. Two young guys jogged back up these stairs like they were on a flat road.


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