Happy New Year – 2018

Another year has come and gone and a new one is upon us. Time seems to be flying by and it’s hard to believe that three years has passed since I first began looking for a publisher.

2017 was a hectic year as I prepared for the release of my second novel (the first of a trilogy) in September as well as working on the second and third books. It was also my first full year at my full-time job outside of writing, so I’m still trying to manage my time between both.

I am looking forward to 2018 as I plan on making some changes. I won’t go into any detail yet until all is set, so stay tuned for future announcements.

I would like to thank the authors who were guests on my website blog in 2017 (www.sandrajjackson.com). I hope you will take the time to check each and every one of these authors out and maybe even pick up a book or two.

Thank you to:

Ron Bagliere

Susanne Bellefeuille

R. Patricia Capitain

Mica Rossi

Prakash Sharma

Skye Turner

Thank you to everyone who has read my posts both here on WordPress and on my website blog, checked out my website, found me on Facebook and other social media outlets, and most appreciatively, purchased and read my books.

I hope 2018 brings you all peace, keeps you safe, and finds you happy and healthy.

All the best,


“Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.” Brad Paisley

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