Chance at Heaven – Book Review

Chance at HeavenChance at Heaven by Bobby Underwood
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Successful author Tom Archer’s latest romance novel has made him long for the love he misses in his own life. While on hiatus in his rural home, he is visited by a man who claims to be an attorney. The attorney informs Tom that he is the sole beneficiary of a large estate left to him by a fan who wished to remain anonymous.

The following day, Tom heads into San Francisco to visit one of his bequeathed properties. Once in the city he encounters Arianne, a beautiful young woman with whom Tom is smitten. Instead of heading to the house, he spends the day with her. When evening comes, Tom takes her back to her Victorian home. As he pulls away, Tom realizes that the house where he’d dropped off Arianne is the one left to him. Tom has a mystery to solve. Who is the beautiful woman he has fallen for, and why is she living in the home left to him?

Written in Bobby Underwood’s romantic and days-gone-by style, Chance at Heaven is a lovely story about love and faith. This well-well written novelette is a quick and easy read with likable characters. I enjoyed this story; however, I would like to have seen a little more tension or angst.

If you like sweet and magical love stories you will certainly enjoy a Chance at Heaven.

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