Caligula Reincarnate – Book Review

Caligula Reincarnate: Killer with a Thousand FacesCaligula Reincarnate: Killer with a Thousand Faces by Steve Peek

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Gaius Caesar (Caligula) is the evil and sadistic emperor of Rome in 41 AD. With the aid of his magician, Okuni, his desire to become immortal will be a reality. And when Caligula dies, he will be reborn immediately; he will always be Caligula and he will always know who he is.

Author Steve Peek takes the reader on an interesting and sometimes harrowing journey in this unique multi-genre story where fact and fiction intertwine.

The characters are well developed and the story is well written. However, it is not a story for the faint of heart as there are some gory and disturbing sexually explicit bits. These scenes are not gratuitous but rather work to show the sadistic mind of Caligula.

I enjoyed this story though I found the ending a little rushed and it left me wondering if there was more to come.

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