Emotional Roller Coaster


Just a few short minutes ago I penned the last words of the last book of my first trilogy. For me those last words are very emotional and tears spill down my cheeks. I’m not certain if all writers feel this way (if you’re a writer and you do let me know) but boy, I sure do. I guess it’s like saying goodbye to family, though I know I will see them again. Most certainly they will drive me nuts over the next few weeks as I begin the editing process, a process I am not really looking forward too, perhaps that’s why I cry :). In any event the stories are done and I am relieved as well as a bit sad. However, I have plenty of other characters waiting for their turn in the sun. So wish me luck as I soon begin the next phase of this writing journey as I lock myself up in my “office” to read my chapters out loud and wonder at times  – “what the hell was I thinking?”


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