Murder on Tyneside – Book Review

Murder on TynesideMurder on Tyneside by Eileen Thornton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Three and a Half Stars – Fun Read

Recently widowed, Agnes Lockwood, returns to her childhood hometown of Tyneside. It has been years since she last visited and she wants to spend time reacquainting herself with the town where she was born. While at the hotel, another guest next to her room has some jewellery stolen. When the police arrive Agnes meets the Chief Inspector, Allan Johnson, who turns out to have been a classmate of hers many years ago. Having a penchant for mysteries, Agnes involves herself in the investigation. But has she gone too far?

I have to say I struggled a bit with rating this story. While I don’t think it deserves three stars, there were also a couple of issues that prevented me from thinking it was a four-star read. I found the voice in the dialogue a miss. If it weren’t for tags, it would be difficult to know who spoke. One particular character was Achmed. It is said that he was a foreigner learning the language, yet his dialogue sounded the same as everyone else’s. The second issue I had was with the character Chief Inspector, Alan Johnson. For a detective, he certainly let Agnes tell him a lot about his case and he allowed her to interfere. I found him weak.

As for the story itself, this is a fun read. Author, Eileen Thornton, has a great way of keeping the reader interested in what will happen next and there are some surprising twists right up until the end. The character of Agnes reminded me of Jessica Fletcher from the TV show Murder, She Wrote.

If you like a nice mystery then you will enjoy this story.

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