#SoCS – Notice

This post is part of SoCS

After I posted my author intervew blog this morning I decided that I wanted to participate in #SoCS. It has been awhile since my last stream of consciousness post so I actively looked for the prompt. When I saw that it was “notice” the first thing that came to mind was that I noticed I had nothing to say.

I couldn’t think of anything that I had recently noticed or didn’t notice. Though I did notice that I woke up with a headache again this morning. It’s not bad, just enough to notice. I think it has to do with my pillow or sleeping wrong. I do have neck issues which I see a chiropractor for once a month. It hasn’t bothered me in a while but the last few mornings I have had a barely noticeable headache that goes away after a bit. If I rub my neck a little, I notice the headache goes away.

I also noticed, before I even read it, that the picture for Stream of Consciousness is new. I quite like it.

I notice its a beautiful day here today so hopefully I can go out and enjoy some of it soon, though I still have editing to work on so maybe later.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!


4 thoughts on “#SoCS – Notice

  1. I hear you about waking up with a bit of a headache. Me too, lately. I have the hardest time getting the pillows just right, but usually get a crick in my neck. The headache usually goes away after awhile, after coffee, and after using a heating pad.
    Hope your day went well this afternoon. 🙂


    1. Sometimes I wish I slept on a cloud with my body completely cradled and supported and no back or neck pain of any kind. My day did go well though as I went for a kayak tour this afternoon and it was awesome. Have a great night!


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