#SoCS – Point – From My Own Book

This Saturday’s Stream of Consciousness prompt from Linda G. Hill is “Point”.  The instructions for this are to close your eyes, open a book, and put your finger on a page. Whatever word, phrase, or sentence, your finger lands on is what you are to write about.

So here it goes. But first I should say that the closest book to me is one of my own (Playing in the Rain) as I didn’t want to have to run upstairs and search for another. 

Eyes closed, thumbing through the book and…. “The first symptoms appear quickly,” he continued.

It’s fall and with fall comes the higher chance of contracting some cold or flu virus, and I don’t have time for that.

Last weekend I attended my first book conference. I prepared for it for about two weeks before hand. Picking up things I need, making bookmarks (the first time I’d ever had something like that and they turned out well.) Every time I got back into my car I used my hand sanitizer. I did not want to get sick before this big event. I even kept my excitement at bay. In the past, whenever I got excited about doing something or going somewhere I ultimately ended up coming down with something. 

The event came and went, and I managed to escape illness. I have another possible four events between now and Christmas. So, I will continue with the hand sanitizer and maybe throw in some exercise. A few years ago I got into the habit of a regular excercise routine and while everyone around me suffered from colds, I didn’t get so much as a sniffle. 

Anyway, I hope all of you are healthy and if a virus has darkened your door may you get well soon.

À votre santé!

Image from Pixabay

4 thoughts on “#SoCS – Point – From My Own Book

  1. Wow, so nice that you have managed to avoid a cold. I am not that lucky since I am surrounded by people with a cold in school. :/


    1. Oh the perils of having school-age children. Mine are in their twenties now so not too many things like that. Though co-workers with young kids bring the viruses in to work. Last year I think everyone in my office was sick with some kind of virus. Hoping this will be a better year. Hope you get over your cold soon.


    1. Hubby and I had our flu shots about 2 weeks ago. Those rotovirus bugs are awful, wish there was a shot for them. No school age kids in our home anymore so unless we pick it up from work…. still yuck!


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