Book Review – Legacy of the Tropics

Legacy of the Tropics

Legacy of the Tropics by Mary Deal

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Legacy of the Tropics by Mary Deal incorporates 3 stories that link together into one book. In the first story, Promises, Ciara Malloy, an American children’s author, falls in love with Rico and his young son, Pablo, while living in Puerto Rico. The second story, Adrift, is about Lilly, an ocean life photographer, who lives in Hawaii after having lived in Puerto Rico for a short time. Lilly, never seems to find the right man and wonders if he exists. In the final story, Reunion, a much older Ciara moves to Hawaii with her young grandson. She has reunited with Lilly, the woman with whom she always wanted to collaborate on a book with but didn’t get a chance to really know while living in Puerto Rico. Now that they are neighbours they plan on making this collaboration a reality.

I quite enjoyed this novel by Mary Deal and was hooked from the first chapter. Each story sees these women going through harrowing experiences that kept me turning the page. The stories stayed with me after I put the book down, and I couldn’t wait to pick it up again and find out what happened next.

If you like stories about strength, courage, and resilience, you will enjoy Legacy of the Tropics.

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