Book Review – The Darkest Eyes

The Darkest Eyes

The Darkest Eyes by Mick Brady

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Haunted by little grey men for most of her life, Will Roan sees them not only in her dreams but even when she seems wide awake. Will has always felt a little different and she just can’t seem to “find herself” no matter what she does or tries. She is even unlucky in love, never able to find one, and she can’t hang on to friendships or make connections. But when she travels through a portal to another world, her life suddenly has meaning, and she learns why those little grey men have been hunting her.

The Darkest Eyes is Mick Brady’s debut novel and for a first book, it is well done. I enjoyed reading this novel and the story kept me intrigued. There were places in the book where I could feel the anxiety of the characters and the descriptions made it easy to visualize. The story is well-written with few errors either grammatically or technically.

This is a fairly lengthy book compared to most these days with just over 600 pages. If I have to be critical about anything, perhaps some paring down. Though I can’t recall thinking at any time that anything was unnecessary.

If you like adventure, sci-fi, fantasy, with a little touch of romance, this is a book you’ll want to read.

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