Book Review – Reckless Emotions

Reckless Emotions

Reckless Emotions by R L Smith

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Eighteen-year-old Macy Chandler has lots of plans, one of which is attending college in the fall and continuing her 3-year relationship with Brian. But that all changes when Brian breaks up with her after accepting a scholarship at a college in another state. And to make matters worse, he is leaving for Italy for the summer. Macy is heartbroken. To help take her mind off of her problems, she gets a summer job working as a waitress at high end restaurant. Macy meets Dillon, a young man with a rough past. She can’t help be intrigued by him and if it helps to keep her mind off Brian, a new relationship might be what she needs. Unfortunately, Dillon is not what she expected. And by the time she realizes he has been lying to her, it’s too late. Macy is in trouble, but who will save her now?

Reckless Emotion is a fast-paced story and easy read. It is well-written with few grammatical errors. It’s a great read for any young adult.

While the story held my attention, I did find Macy’s character to be a little bit unbelievable as she was almost too naive. It’s not until near the end of the book that she finally realizes she actually needs to do something if she wants to save her life, despite having plenty of opportunities earlier on.

This YA novel is perfect for a quick and easy read that is sure to make you turn the pages.

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