New Release – Dancing in the Wind (Book 3 Escape Series)

The final book of The Escape Series is now available on Amazon.

April and her family have returned to the place where her nightmare began. It’s bad enough that she feels trapped by a building, a virus, and the upcoming winter, but the indistinguishable whispers in her head hold her captive as well. Remembering for April is reliving the events in her life every day—good and bad. Can she learn to cope with these memories or will they drive her crazy?

When April discovers that the voice in her head is Cecil’s, she turns to her parents for a solution. Somehow, he implanted secrets deep in her subconscious. April suspects they are clues to solving the virus he created.  But someone else knows about the secrets trapped in April’s head and before her parents can draw them out, they have a plan of their own. Will April’s parents get to the information or will someone from April’s past get there first?

Follow April’s final journey to freedom as she discovers love, truth, and peace.

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