Book Review – The Zoolinguist by S. A. Adams

The Zoolinguist by S.A. Adams

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Zoolinguist is the first book I’ve read by author S. A. Adams, and I’m quite sure it won’t be the last. By the way this book ended, it looks like there will be another starring the protagonist, Mario Manzetti. I could be wrong, but I hope not.

Mario is an interesting character with a talent for speaking to animals. Growing up poor, he makes a promise to his mother (who abandons him in a refuge for boys) to get an education and never be poor. Unfortunately, Mario ends up in a state penitentiary and he must escape before certain agents find him.

I liked Mario, and I liked the way this story is told. It starts out with Mario in the state penitentiary and after friending another inmate, he recounts his life story all while planning his escape.

This is an entertaining read with some quirky and laugh out loud parts. It has a unique plot with well-developed characters. There are even some interesting animal characters, which makes this story fun. It is well-written, with some small typos here and there, but they won’t take a reader out of the story. The quit wit and pacing make this a page-turner for sure.

If you are looking for something different, The Zoolinguist fits the bill from beginning to end.

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