Daeios: 140 Feet Down by Colleen Eccles Penor

Daeios: 140 Feet Down by Colleen Eccles Penor

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It’s 2035 and deadly storms are ravaging Arizona and quite likely the rest of Earth. But the Donovan’s have an escape. Their church group has built an underground bunker and that is where they plan to go for as long as possible. 22-year-old Shea has no plans on living underground with her parents, even though she’ll miss her little sister. On the day they are to leave, Shea’s father asks her to help find her older brother, Jace. Jace is an addict who can’t take care of himself and must go to Daeios. But time is ticking and another storm is on its way. In the eleventh hour, Shea finds her brother, unconscious and strung out. She gets him home in time for the family to leave and ends up going with them to their new underground home. Once at Daeios, it doesn’t take long for Shea to realize things aren’t as they seem. Will she survive living underground with her family? Will she survive living in Daeios: 140 Feet Down?

Daeios is author Colleen Eccles Penor’s debut novel and it’s a good one. The book hooked me right away with its interesting story line and fast pace. The main characters are likeable and the villains absolutely despicable. There’s even an unexpected twist or two.

I did find near the middle of the book that the story lagged. It was at a point where the main character is alone for a few days. For about three or four chapters, I think the author missed the opportunity to get the readers into the character’s head with showing rather than telling. However, after those few chapters, the story and pace pick up again with lots of action that will keep a reader turning the page.

I recommend this action packed post-apocalyptic sci-fi. However, there is some disturbing content so best for readers over 18 years.

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