A Second Chance to Get it Right by Ronald Bagliere

A Second Chance To Get It Right by Ronald Bagliere

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Alan wakes up in bed beside a woman–his wife. Funny thing is, he remembers dating her in college many years ago and that’s it. Now they’re married and have a six-year-old son, another mystery. To top it all off, he no longer looks like the 60-year-old man he remembers being. In fact, he’s a much younger version of himself. Can he learn from the mistakes of his past in this strange and altered reality?

A Second Chance to Get it Right is the fifth novel I’ve read by Author Ronald Bagliere. I truly enjoyed this story of Alan who is somehow getting a second chance at making the people he loves a priority. This tale runs the gamut of emotions. It’s funny, clever, tender and an overall joy to read. Bagliere knows how to take his readers on an intriguing journey and immerse them into his novels. A Second Chance to Get it Right is a satisfying read from beginning to end.

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