Book Review – Extreme Prejudice by Gordon Bickerstaff

Extreme Prejudice by Gordon Bickerstaff

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Gordon Bickerstaff has done it again with this latest installment of The Lambeth Group Thrillers. This time the Lambeth Group, headed by Zoe Tampsin, is charged with the task of stopping suicide bombers. With the help of an informant, Zoe and her team track down the bombers, but something is amiss. Can Zoe trust the informant or is something else going on?

I’ve only read the last two books of the Lambeth Group Thrillers but will happily add the others to my TBR list. Bickerstaff’s great writing and attention to detail makes it easy to envision the scenes he depicts, and the characters are well written.

Extreme Prejudice is a thrilling story full of action, deception, and surprises. Spy thrillers aren’t a genre I read very often, but this author is making me a fan.

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