Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – The letter C

This is my first post for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge. Some of these photos were taken a few years ago and some are recent. Without further ado here are my picks of pics that start with the letter C and are at least four letters long.

Chicken Coop

I took this photo of an old chicken coop on our property after an ice storm back in 2013.


Crocuses – I love this first sign of spring.


Cooler full of Capelin

Capelin – I had never heard of these fish until my trip to Newfoundland this summer. Because of these, we got to see a lot of whales from the shore as they dined on spawning capelin.



Please check out Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge to check out more of what this challenge is about.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: C – The C word needs to be at least 4 letters in length

Sow what? Stream of Consciousness Saturday


I know this is a little late, but here it’s still Saturday.

Stream of Consciousness prompt is here.


“So,” said Sam. He pulled his straw hat from his head and wiped his sweaty brow before replacing it back on his head. “Are you going to sow those seeds this morning? It’s getting pretty hot out there.”

Rebecca rocked back and forth in the old rocking chair on the front porch and looked up at her husband. She smiled lovingly and sighed. She held up the blue plaid shirt that lay across her lap. “I will sow those seeds today,” she poked her finger up through a small hole in the shirt, “but first I have your shirt to sew.”



Writerly Wednesday – Look on the Sunny Side

unnamed (15)

Well another Writerly Wednesday Flash Fiction Post and I almost thought about skipping this one. But I gave it a shot anyway so let me know what you think.


I opened the small can and blinked. The yellow paint was so bright it was as though I looked up at the sun.

“Can I see?”  Sarah’s voice echoed in her empty bedroom.

I lowered the can. Her eyes widened and she smiled. She bounced and clapped her little hands. “Ooooh, it’s sooooo sunny,” she squealed.

“Are you sure about this colour?” I looked down at my smiling daughter.

Sarah nodded her head.

“Okay.” I knelt behind the bedroom door and carefully painted along the edge. The small strip of paint brightened the room.

“Mommy,” Sarah said.


“That’s bright.”

I closed my eyes and spots appeared behind my eyelids. “Yes, it is.”

“Just one wall,” Sarah said.

“Don’t you like it?” I looked at my daughter.

“I love it, but I don’t wanna where my sunglasses inside the house.”

I laughed. Who was I to argue with a five-year-old?

Flash fiction prompt provided by http://www.writerlycorner.com/writerly-prompts/writerly-wednesday-682016.

Writerly Wednesday – A Drive down Memory Lane

unnamed (14)

The smell of moth balls assaulted my nose as I pulled the lid from the shoe box. I spied the offending orbs and quickly removed them before searching through the memorabilia.

The first picture was of route 66, the highway that led my father from New Mexico to his new life in California in 1951. Several pictures documented his travels and his voice echoed in my head as though he were beside me. I smiled, in a couple of hours, my husband and I would be heading out on our own journey to New Mexico, and my father would be coming with us. My father’s life had come full circle and he was finally going home.

I placed the urn in the trunk then climbed into the car. My camera sat in my hands, ready to document our journey, as we pulled from the drive. Route 66, here we come!


While I have heard of Route 66 and have an idea of where it is located, I had to do a little research before I wrote my story.

Tell me, have you ever been on this famous route?

Flash fiction prompt provided by http://www.writerlycorner.com/writerly-prompts/writerly-wednesday-5182016.

Writerly Wednesday – A Woman Scorned

unnamed (13)

“Oh what a tangled web we weave…” whispered in my head as I stared at them from my perch on the stairs. They were a perfect couple enjoying their morning coffee, and anyone noticing them would think nothing less. She was poised and elegant; her hands moved gracefully as she spoke. I couldn’t hear her words as her lips moved, but I knew the sound of her voice. He sat still, attentive, nodding occasionally and smiling. It was obvious he was captivated by her.

I swallowed back the lump and blinked away the burning tears. It wasn’t that long ago when I wielded that kind of power over a man, when my husband was engrossed in my every word and move.

I raised my camera and took another picture. I had all the proof I needed. “…When first we practice to deceive.”

He would pay for the lies he told.


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Writerly Wednesday – Wrapped Around Her Finger

unnamed (12)

Ainsley squealed with delight as we pulled up at the park. She kicked her little legs and wiggled her butt in her car seat. Her big blue eyes were wide with excitement as I unbuckled the harness. I barely had a chance to grab onto her as she squirmed her way out.

“Hang on, munchkin,” I said, lifting my niece from her seat and setting her on her feet beside me. I held her warm, little hand tightly as she pulled me anxiously and I closed the car door.

Ainsley towed me along; her two-year old legs moving as quickly as they could. She not only tugged at my hand but also at my heart. I rubbed my free hand over the fluttering in my belly. I blinked back the tears that suddenly formed and laughed at myself. Like Ainsley, my unborn child already had me wrapped around her finger.


So, does anyone have you wrapped around their finger?

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Writerly Wednesday – Autumn Years

unnamed (11)

The old fence was just as I remembered, though it leaned more and the boards were twisted with age, it was still intact. I inhaled the cool autumn air and jammed my cold hands into the pockets of my red, fleece jacket. Somewhere in the distance a fire had been lit; the faint smell of burning wood tickled my nose. I tilted my head back and stared up at the fiery canopy; dots of blue sky peeked through the fall colours.

A breeze stirred the leaves and my eyes followed as one silently joined the others on the ground. The trees were at their peak and their stunning beauty wouldn’t last for long.

I climbed back into my car and drove down the old road. I was going to enjoy every moment with my grandparents, they weren’t going to be around forever, and I’d already spent too much time away.

Thanks for reading!

Flash fiction prompt provided by http://www.writerlycorner.com/writerly-prompts/writerly-wednesday-4272016.

Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Ta


Today’s Stream of Consciousness prompt is the word “ta” – British slang for thank you. We can use it as is or write any word that begins with ta.

Ta da!” I’m back. I didn’t actually go anywhere, I just haven’t posted since my first post about three week’s ago. I hope to do a little better in the future.

I remember my aunt used to say “Ta, ta” to her children whenever she didn’t want them to touch anything or if they had something, for them to leave it alone. I personally never used this with my kids, preferring to use plain English and said “Don’t touch” instead.

There’s also tatas, which is slang for large breasts, not to be confused with Tata’s – a pizza place.

If you are reading this, then ta, I appreciate it.

Well, that’s all for now, so TTFN – ta ta for now.



Writerly Wednesday – Things Aren’t Always What They Seem

unnamed (10)

Time for another Writerly Wednesday post – and they aren’t getting any easier.

Owen’s anxiety eased as the effects of his medication took hold. He stared up at the plane’s ceiling and exhaled slowly. He closed his eyes and focused on the music playing through his ear phones and wondered if anyone could tell it was his first plane trip.

Song after song played as Owen slipped in and out of consciousness; lyrics and melodies created illusions in his mind. His eyes jostled open briefly as the plane bumped for a moment like a car hitting a pothole. His body relaxed as Alanis Morissette sang Ironic. He had waited his whole damned life.

Passenger’s screamed. A confused Owen white-knuckled the arm rest and stared wide-eyed as the plane tipped forward. “Well isn’t this nice…” The lyrics came to mind.

Owen turned his head and looked at the smiling flight attendant. “We’ve landed,” she said. Owen sighed; relieved it had all been a dream.


Let me know what you think.

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Writerly Wednesday – Safety in Numbers

unnamed (9)

It took me a while to come up with a flash fiction for this picture. I mean it was tough! Let me know what you think and if you want to join in the fun just click on the link below for more info. 

I sat in a forest of legs, their eerie stillness protected me. I reached out and gently touched the smooth curve of a well-defined calf muscle. The plastic was hard and cool under my palm, but somehow soothing. It wouldn’t be long before he began looking for me.

My ears strained for any sound in the dimly lit storage room. My wild imagination tried to convince me that it heard the collective breathing of the bodies around me. I shook my head and the thought free. I was safe.

I waited for another moment before slowly crawling out from the plastic bodies. The mannequins stood still and made no move to give me away. Carefully, I pulled open the door, home base was in sight. My head whipped left, then right, before my mad dash.

Home free!” I yelled happily. I would never give up the best hiding place ever.

Flash fiction prompt provided by http://www.writerlycorner.com/writerly-prompts/writerly-wednesday-4132016.