2020 Author Interviews

I will be offering 3 types of interviews for 2020. If you are interested, you can choose between the following:

  • A new release/upcoming release interview focused only on your new book, ( I will try and post close to or shortly after the release date if known. Posting dates will be on a first come first served basis).
  • A general interview which will give your readers a little info about both your writing and personal life.
  • A character interview which you will answer the questions from the point of view of a character from one of your books.

If you are interested in an interview in the new year, please let me know.

Playing in the Rain – Now on Audible

I received some exciting news on Friday from my publisher. Playing in the Rain is now live on Audible and the audio version will soon be availalbe for download from Amazon and iTunes.

If you are interested in listening to Book 1 of the Escape Series, I have FREE promo codes for Audible US and Audible UK. Send me a message, and I will send you a promo code.

Release Day

Catching Butterflies, Book 2 of The Escape Series, officially releases today and is available on Amazon.

Start this series with award winning Book 1, Playing in the Rain.

Follow A2 as she slowly wakes from drug- induced hypnosis. Not only does she not know where she is, but she has no idea who she is. All she knows for certain is she needs to escape, but how?


Continue the journey in Book 2, Catching Butterflies.


Emotional Roller Coaster


Just a few short minutes ago I penned the last words of the last book of my first trilogy. For me those last words are very emotional and tears spill down my cheeks. I’m not certain if all writers feel this way (if you’re a writer and you do let me know) but boy, I sure do. I guess it’s like saying goodbye to family, though I know I will see them again. Most certainly they will drive me nuts over the next few weeks as I begin the editing process, a process I am not really looking forward too, perhaps that’s why I cry :). In any event the stories are done and I am relieved as well as a bit sad. However, I have plenty of other characters waiting for their turn in the sun. So wish me luck as I soon begin the next phase of this writing journey as I lock myself up in my “office” to read my chapters out loud and wonder at times  – “what the hell was I thinking?”


When One Door Closes….The Journey Continues

For several months I have been back and forth on a decision I felt I had to make.  Several weeks ago, I made the decision, and tonight it became final.

I decided to request my rights back from my publisher and tonight I received the reversal of rights document effectively making me an un-published author.

I do have another publisher who has agreed to re-publish my books but it will take a bit of time before that happens.

So until then, my books (Promised Soul and Playing in the Rain) will no longer be available for purchase on-line.

I look forward to this new chapter as I continue my journey.


My New Book!

So happy to announce that my book “Playing in the Rain” was finally released on Friday. It has been a long wait. myBook.to/PlayingintheRain

With a new book release comes a lot of work – marketing, promoting, book trailers, updating website, book signings etc. And since this is the first book of a trilogy, I also have to start working on the other two books. The second has been written but not edited and the third is about half-way done.

On that note, I’m going to grab my notebook (I like to write in long hand) and head outside to write. It’s a beautiful day and I’ve already spent most of it tied to my computer.



JOURNEY Behind the Scenes – Newsletter

JOURNEYBehind the Scenes
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