Her Forever Home – Diary of a Feral Kitten

Sunday, May 14.

A small, grey kitty was spotted as she darted in front of my daughter and her boyfriend as they arrived back home in his truck. The boyfriend saw the kitten, but my daughter did not. She wondered what he was doing as he inspected the garage (which is a free standing building not used for cars across from the house. The driveway circles around this building). He told her and she proceeded to place a small bowl of cat food inside the garage.

Monday, May 15

Monday morning my daughter noticed that the food she’d put out the night before was gone. There was definitely something in the garage. Later that afternoon, My daughter and son inspected the garage and saw the feral fuzz ball. They laid out a trail of cat food to a cat carrier. In no time, they caught the little creature. Here was her first picture. She was very timid and wanted nothing to do with us, but she was hungry. I had purchased some kitten milk on my way home from work. I placed it in a bowl and mixed in a little Strongid dewormer, having guessed her weight at 2.5 pounds and her age (by her size) somewhere between 8-10 weeks old. We have raised kittens before, all somewhat feral (2 barn kittens and one found in the middle of the road, all about 6-8 weeks of age). Our present cat was a barn kitten and is now 5 years old.

First photo May 15

We know we can’t keep her in a cat carrier so my daughter puts out a request on Facebook for a dog crate or something, anything to keep this baby safe. An aunt and uncle come to the rescue and offer a rabbit hutch. It’s about 4 square feet of space and 1.5 feet deep. Room enough for the small kitten, a bed, a  litter box, and a little place to play and eat. We place it in our porch (this room is walled and is more like a large entrance/mud room area before entering the house). We can’t bring her in yet as we have a cat and dog to consider and we don’t know if this baby is healthy. We cover the hutch with a sheet to keep the kitty calm.

New kitty day 1

Tuesday, May 16

The little feral firecracker has already wormed its way into our hearts. While the rest of us head off to work, our son (university student, who has yet to begin his summer employment) spends his day with the kitten of unknown sex or origin. He devotes most of the time getting the kitten used to being touched and hearing human voices. I text him a few times to find out how the kitten is doing and he happily reports that the baby has allowed him to touch him/her.

Allowing touch May 16

Wednesday, May 17

Both kids are home (daughter has the day off). They straighten out the porch and kitten proof it. Today they will be letting the kitten out to play. The day goes well and they have even managed to hold the little critter if only for seconds at a time. With this bit of information, I call the vet and make an appointment for Friday afternoon. By then the kitten should be able to be handled a little more easily.

By the time I get home, I am happy to have my own little play time with this sweet baby. Oh, and now we’re kind of sure it’s a girl. Kitten gender is not all that easy to determine when they are small (not all the bits are obvious at first). With the help of the internet, we are fairly certain.

(I have a great little video of me playing and petting the kitten, unfortunately, I’d have to upgrade to add it).

Thursday, May 18

The kitten is doing so well! Bailey the dog approaches the hutches on many occasions. We don’t allow her to have too much interaction. The good news is that she’s not entirely fixated on the cat and can be distracted. Our cat, Sophie, on the other hand, growls from a distance. When the kitten first saw her a couple of days ago, all she did was mew and want to get close to Sophie, but Sophie has no plans for that.

(another awesome playtime video)

Friday, May 19

It’s a long weekend for me and my work is so great, we get to leave early. I decide to take only a 1/2 hr lunch so that I can leave even earlier. We have a vet appointment to get to.

The appointment goes well and our little Miss Muffet (yes, she’s a she) is a great patient. She gets a clean bill of health and vaccines. The only surprise is her age. The vet determines (by looking at her teeth) that this little rascal is 4 to 4 1/2 months old. She is small for her age but the vet attributes that to poor nutrition. Now that she is eating a regular diet, she is bound to have a growth spurt.

When we arrive home, we move our wee one into the house. She will still sleep in her rabbit hutch at night, but during the day, she will be free to roam the family room.

Sophie the cat has her knickers in a knot, but she’ll get used to the new addition. Bailey the dog – well I think it’s puppy love.

Puppy love May 19

Saturday, May 20

Or is it Caturday? Anyway, the little one at this moment is curled up and asleep inside a small cat climber-tube-thingy. She has been playing hard in her new digs. The picture below was taken earlier this morning on a much larger climber. She posed for a second so I could snap this pic.

New Kitty - May 20

We still haven’t named her, though a list of suitable names has been created, we just have to agree upon one. But rest assured, this sweet-pea will be safe and sound in her forever home.




Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 19 – Gap


I missed last week’s challenge but I’m back with my rendition of a gap.

It took a bit of searching through my pictures but I finally found this photo that I took of a tree in our yard last year. There is quite a gap in the trunk and it is bridged by fungi and moss. I thought it would make a nice home for fairies.

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Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 17 – Calm


What could be more calming then watching a sunset?

My husband and I went on a vacation to Prince Edward Island in the fall of 2012. It was our first in about ten years and we really haven’t been anywhere since. It was at the end of September/beginning of October. We had no plans and just drove, staying nightly at motels and B&Bs.

This particular photo was taken in West Point, P.E.I. We had stopped for a tour of the lighthouse and ended up staying at the beautiful motel that was attached. There are even 2 rooms in the lighthouse itself, but they were both booked for the night. It really was a beautiful spot. We found this bench just on top of a sand dune right outside our motel room.

This is one photograph that fills me with a sense of calm whenever I look at it. I even had up as the lock screen picture for quite some time.

Do you have a great picture that makes you feel calm when you look at it? Join in the fun and enter Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge and show off your pics.

Let me know what you think.

Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 16 – Behind


I took this picture a couple of years ago the day after an ice storm. Ice storms can be quite treacherous leaving behind downed tree limbs and/or power lines. But as you can see in this picture they can also leave behind some pretty beautiful sights as the ice shines in the sunlight.

For this shot I stood beside a birch tree, its branches heavily burdened with ice. It was the perfect spot to capture a picture of the morning sun behind the branches and making the ice sparkle.

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“Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 15 – “Under”


This is Bailey, or part of her. I took this picture 2 weeks ago. It had snowed all day and we got about a foot of snow. In the late afternoon we headed out to the end of our driveway to see if the snowplow had gone down the road. On our walk, Bailey decided to jam her head under the snow. I guess she was trying to find the ground. After all, it had been there the day before.

Thanks, Hugh, for this challenge!

Hugh’s Photo Challenge: Week 5 – Pair


A pair of beady little eyes.

I took this picture of a kestrel today at an exhibit I went to showcasing animals found in Australia. I’m not sure if this guy was from Australia, as they did have critters from elsewhere (mostly reptiles and amphibians). However, it was interesting, kangaroos are surprisingly very soft. I even held a tarantula!

Thanks for this opportunity Hugh! You can check out the challenge here.