Some of my Favourite People

The Daily Post Photo Challenge – A Face in the Crowd


I couldn’t choose just one because these photos feature some of my favourite people.

Some of these pictures are a few years old and some more recent. I do think though that they fit well with this week’s photo challenge.

Fun at the Fair

Pie Eating Contest
Lemon Sucking Contest

Even the Snowman is Faceless


Autumn Hike


Sweet Valentine

The Daily Post Photo Challenge – Sweet


Had I seen what today’s photo challenge was before, I would have taken this photo before my husband and I cut into this lovely Chocolate Mousse Valentine Cake.


What else is sweet? My husband.


Daily Post Photo Challenge – Beloved

My beloved

My beloved our undoubtedly my children and husband. However, out of respect for their privacy I will not post their pictures. Instead I will post pictures of my other beloved ones – my fur-babies.

Yesterday, my daughter had shown me pictures of our two cats sleeping together. I went up to see for myself and take a couple of shots. Our dog, Bailey, decided to follow. She then climbed in with the two cats sleeping on the pet bed. I got this lovely picture of my fur-babies cuddled together.


Photo Challenge – Silence

The Daily Post Photo Challenge – Silence

What does silence look like? Show us your take in a photograph.

These photos were taken with my cell phone a few years ago after a snowfall. It was so quiet and peaceful outside afterward. I walked around and took pictures and was even inspired to write a poem called “Winter’s Peace”. I posted it on this blog a while back but here it is again.

Winter’s Peace

Standing in a field of snow

Wintry breezes start to blow.

Tiny snowflakes flutter down,

Gently falling to the ground.

Pure and white, each flake precise,

Transforming water into ice.

Blanketing ground, leaves and trees

Snowflakes cover all it sees.

While growth and warmth and colours cease

There’s nothing quite like winter’s peace.