Behind my Back

Behind my back
They laugh and taunt and tease,
They whisper cruelties,
Point fingers, and lay blame.
They smile
When they see me coming
But I know their grins turn to sneers
When I walk away.
I smile,
Portraying an outward appearance of confidence,
A rock-hard,
Impenetrable wall of indifference.
I’ve done nothing
To deserve their mocking glances,
Said nothing
To warrant their blatant disregard.
Alone, tears well, eyes ache,
And I chastise myself for my stupidity,
For believing their words were the truth
And accepting their judgement of me.
Sticks and stones,
Simple lies told to keep tears at bay.
Bones heal,
But the psyche holds on to words forever.
I smile at myself in the mirror
And whisper I love you.
My words and genuine reflection
Lift me up and quiet the hurt child within.
With shoulders back
And chin lifted I face the world,
Unafraid, indifferent, healed,
I am strong, resilient.
Sincere smiles greet and welcome,
Words of love and acceptance fill my ears
And no one whispers
Behind my back.

A Moment in Time


One heartbeat, one breath, one blink,

A fleeting moment like a blip on a screen,

Like a dot on a timeline.


An inkling, a distant memory, a fading dream,

A few photographs and an empty space in the heart

Are all that remain to prove your existence.


Time moves forward, life goes on, the world keeps spinning,

For all that remains, your memory will live on in

Every heartbeat, every breath, and every blink.


In loving memory Laura Helen Jackson Aug 6, 1995 – Dec 3, 1995

Multiple Me(s)

When I was a young mother
I thought how handy it would be
To split myself up into
Resourceful multiple me(s).

There’d be a me for my daughter
And a me for my son
And I certainly would not forget
The me for my hon.
A me for all the cooking and cleaning
A sort of domestic queen,
And a me to run to my part-time job
Or any job in between.
There’d be a me for my family,
The ones I grew up with
And a me to go out with my friends
To yak, and chat, and dish.
But when I lay my head down at night
The me(s) would all unite
And discuss the things we did that day,
What went wrong and what went right.
In the morning we’d divide again
And start the day anew
Spend our time and attention
On you and you and you.
And then of course the me for me
Because that’s important too.
As I have needs, desires, and wants
And things I’d like to do.
So when all the me(s) have done their job
And everyone is satisfied.
The me for me comes out to play
Thewon’t be denied.

The Egg-ceptional Egg – Ode to the Egg

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Ode to the Egg


Oh the lovely Egg is so versatile

There is so much it can do.

Not only do they taste very good,

They help make vaccines for the flu.


They can be eaten in so many ways,

Scrambled, boiled, or fried.

Used in meringue and mayonnaise,

They can even be freeze dried.


Eggs can also be hollowed out

And dipped in colourful ink,

Decorated and hidden at Easter time,

Or made into a tasty egg nog drink.


But the egg is more than just a food,

An ingredient in cookie batches.

It’s also a home where life begins,

Where it grows, protected, until it hatches.