Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – The letter C

This is my first post for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge. Some of these photos were taken a few years ago and some are recent. Without further ado here are my picks of pics that start with the letter C and are at least four letters long.

Chicken Coop

I took this photo of an old chicken coop on our property after an ice storm back in 2013.


Crocuses – I love this first sign of spring.


Cooler full of Capelin

Capelin – I had never heard of these fish until my trip to Newfoundland this summer. Because of these, we got to see a lot of whales from the shore as they dined on spawning capelin.



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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: C – The C word needs to be at least 4 letters in length



A month ago today my husband and I returned from our summer vacation – the first in a very long time. We spent eight days in Newfoundland, the only eastern province we had yet to visit. It was everything we hoped it would be and more.

Newfoundland is a large island. We spent our time touring the Avalon Peninsula and drove a total of 1819 kilometers. The scenery constantly changed from barren land to forests, from ocean vistas to lakes and streams. We visited museums and archaeological sites – learning as much as we could about the history. We hope to return some day to visit the western part of the province. It is truly the land that time forgot. 

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed looking at them again.

If you travel, perhaps you’ll consider Newfoundland. It’s fantastic!!!!

Bell Island
Iron ore mine – mine #2 – Bell Island
Flatrock – Me taking pictures of a whale. The first of many we saw from the shore.
Flatrock – Humpback Whale
St. Johns Harbour from Signal Hill

Newfoundland is not only surrounded by the ocean but there are lakes, ponds, rivers, and creeks just about every turn of the road.
Harbour Seal sitting on a rock
Grates Cove – Iceberg
Salmonier Nature Park
Cape Spear easternmost point of North America – modern lighthouse
Cape Spear – Original lighthouse
St. Mary’s Ecological Reserve – Gannets
Brigus, Nfld
Brigus – entrance to Wilcox Gardens




#SoCS – Every Garden May Have Some Weeds


This week’s Stream of Consciousness Prompt is to write about whatever comes to mind using the title of a book you are currently reading.

The book I’m reading at the moment is The Forgotten Garden.

My gardens aren’t exactly forgotten. In fact, I think about them at least once or twice a week. I think about how they need to be watered (especially my window box flowers and hanging baskets), how I should weed them, thin out some of the plants etc. The problem is in the doing.

Every spring I am eager to see my perennials pop up. I planted perennials because they are so much easier to maintain than annuals (I think so anyway). I usually buy a few more and plant them here and there. I pull the weeds and yank out perennials that have gotten out of hand. I water my hanging baskets and window box flowers (usually the only annuals I have). After a couple of weeks, I start to neglect them a bit. Not completely, they don’t die, but they do wilt a little until I water again. Some of my hanging baskets don’t get as full and lush as they should be, and weeds sometimes get a little out of control until I weed again.

A green thumb – maybe. I certainly enjoy my gardens but life and other things get in the way. Perhaps I’ll pay more attention when I’m retired. Then again, I can’t really see me spending every day in my garden. I like plants and flowers but weeding and watering – not so much.

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS July 15/17

#SoCS – The “Ick” Factor


When you are Sick

There’s a whole lot of “ick“.

A runny nose, a rolling tummy

A rolling tummy,

A phlegmy cough,

Take your pick.


When I was younger I was a picky eater. I feared trying new foods because if I didn’t like it, the food would make me gag.

An “uncle” once made me eat a piece of fat. With everyone around the table, I put it in my mouth. I knew I wouldn’t like it, but I was pressured into it. I gagged as usual and spit it out into a napkin. That was very icky. To this day, I cut off every bit of fat from my meat.

I’m glad the expression chewing the fat” has nothing to do with eating the icky substance.


Thank you, Linda, for this week’s Stream of Consciousness prompt.

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS July 8/17

Hold onto your Hats

So on the way to work this morning I heard a rather funny, annoying, and disturbing statistic. First I thought it was funny, then I was annoyed, and now I am concerned. 

Here’s the part where you hold onto your  hats. According to a survey 7% of adult Americans believe that chocolate milk comes from a brown cow. That 7% equates to appoximately 17.3 million people. WTF!!!

I laughed at first because I thought it must be a joke. The radio personalities had to be joking. They weren’t. 

I was annoyed because I couldn’t believe people could be so _____ (insert your own term). 

Now I’m concerned. Are these same people allowed to drive or operate heavy machinery? I’m also curious and wonder what the results would reveal if this same survey was conducted in other parts of the world.

So what’s the point of this post? Part of it is to just get what I feel is a disturbing fact off my chest. The other part is to say if you don’t know something, wonder if it’s true, are confused – look it up. At the very least you could read the ingredients on a carton of chocolate milk. 

#SoCS – Sign of the Times


This week’s prompt for Stream of Consciousness is “sign”. When I first saw it I immediately thought of the expression “sign of the times”. A number of different things rolled around in my head then finally settled on one particular “sign”.

I took the above picture a couple of years ago. I laughed when I saw it; it was so unbelievable to me that instructions for making a peanut butter and jam sandwich would be found on a loaf of bread. Other loaves from this same brand contain instructions for different types of sandwiches such as ham and cheese. To me, this may be a sign of the times that people are either getting lazier or dumber or maybe a little bit of both. It’s a scary thought.


The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS June 17/17

Strength in Numbers

One moment in time,

One life to live,

You’re my one and only,

To you my heart I give.


Two hearts beat as one,

We’re two of a kind.

Two heads are better than one,

On our love, we’re never of two minds.


To the four corners of the earth,

In your footsteps, I will go.

In seventh heaven and on cloud nine,

Our love continues to grow.


And when we’re behind the eight-ball,

Or an eight-hundred-pound gorilla blocks the way,

Together we’ll eighty-six them,

Together we will stay.


And at the eleventh hour,

When we are old and grey,

If my mind should wander,

And I seem a million miles away,


Remember we bat a thousand,

And our love was twenty-four seven.

We gave it the whole nine yards,

We were up to eleven.


And when we lie down and rest

In our eternal slumber,

May the power of our love show

That two can be strength in numbers.