Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Mistakes

This week’s photo challenge is hosted by Something to Ponder About. The challenge is to create a post on the theme of Mistakes.

Sophie is ready and waiting. It would be a huge mistake for any bird to look for food in this bird house.

I was on my lunch hour and had just finished feeding the birds as I walked around the park. I still had about half a ziplock baggie of birdseed and was carrying it in my hand. These wild turkeys saw what I had and headed right for me. While I didn’t mind hand-feeding chickadees, downy woodpeckers, and white breasted nuthatches, I was not about to hand-feed these boys. I quickly dumped the bag and they went after the seed allowing me to pass. I would not make that mistake again, and the next time I came across the wild turkeys, I hid the bag inside my jacket.

Writerly Wednesday – Eating Crow

unnamed (21)

Sid stared out the window into the beady eyes of his visitor. The crow surveyed the area and then cawed to his friends. In seconds, several more of the sleek, black birds stomped around the yard.

The birds cautiously pecked at the few bits of bread Sid had left out earlier. It was a peace offering, but Sid was doubtful. He looked at plan B and hoped he wouldn’t have to resort to such measures. It had been wrong of him to take a hose to the birds. Now they seemingly spent the whole day waiting to get their revenge.

Sid stepped outside. Immediately the birds took to flight and began dive bombing. He escaped to safety and reluctantly turned to plan B.

Back outside, Sid crossed the yard unharmed. The birds no longer recognized him, but it was going to be a long summer beneath the hot, rubber mask.

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