More Entertaining than We Thought

The Daily Post – Entertain


Many years ago when I was somewhere around 6-8 years old, my younger sister and I entertained the idea to entertain our extended family. It was our mother’s turn to host the Christmas party which meant aunts, uncles, & cousins from both sides all gathered at our house.

We loved to sing. My sister and I practiced our Christmas carol and when we were ready, we happily performed in the living room – in front of everyone.

“Deck the Halls with Black & Decker…” We sang and boy we nailed it. Our family smiled and laughed and cheered, and we smiled and laughed. Of course, at the time, we didn’t know that those weren’t the real words to that particular Christmas carol but were the words adapted by Black & Decker for their holiday commercials. It was all very entertaining.