In Peace

Today’s Daily Prompt – Faint


My eyelids fluttered open; my heart skipped in surprise that they had. My body eased with relief.

The faint smell of her perfume tickled my nose before any of my other senses kicked in. The scent was as much a part of her as the hair on her head. On our first date it had lingered long after she’d left my car just as it would later when she left the room, only I didn’t think I would be around to enjoy it as I had for the last thirty years. Not physically anyway, the time was here.

I blinked. The faint sound of whispered words came to my ears but I did not know what was said. Then, as it had been for the last however-long, she came into view. Her image was faint at first but then she became clearer as I blinked her into focus.

“Hi.” Her pained and quiet voice came to my ears as she leaned over and pressed her lips to mine. When she pulled away her lips shaped into a faint smile. I smiled back or at least I did in my head. I wasn’t quite sure if I had, if I could. “Do you want some water?” She said.

I wasn’t thirsty. I stared at her for a moment until my mouth moved in some way and a strangled and faint voice answered her question. I wondered if the sound had actually come from my lips.

She squeezed my hand, and I returned the action, though I was sure she didn’t feel my faint response. In my head, it had been strong and warm. I wished I could hold her in my arms and give her the hug she needed but it was not possible. The most I could do was to allow her to climb in beside me and rest her head on my chest.

I wondered, as she rested beside me, if she could hear my slowing heart. Did she know our time was drawing to an end?

I stared down at her. Her blond hair swept across my chest. Her scent filled my nostrils. Her body was solid and warm against mine – a heavy comfort. Her fingers brushed up and down my arm. She sang our song, the one we danced to on our wedding day. Her voice faltered, she regained her composure and continued. She was strong, and I knew she would be okay. I allowed my senses to absorb everything and fill me up with all that it could as my brain replayed every memory I could summon. My slowing heart overflowed with love for everyone and everything that had touched my life.

My eyelids closed, ending the last of what my eyes would ever see. I inhale; my skin stretched; my ribs moved; my diaphragm contracted. When my lungs allowed the air to escape, I enjoyed the sensation of the warm air as it faintly blew out my nose. There was a strange rattle in my chest and I waited and wondered when my lungs would fill again.

When it came, the sensation of breathing woke me and I focused on all I could once again. I sensed the pressure of her hand on my arm but it was no longer warm, just there. Her perfume was less than faint, it was non-existent. Everything faded. My body felt weightless, like I floated above the bed. I waited to inhale but it did not come. My heart fluttered and stopped. Our song filled my ears as I faded away, faint, quiet and in peace.



2017 © Sandra J. Jackson


Stop the Madness

Attention disrupted,

Unfocused thoughts,

Invading fears,

Unfolding plots,


Unsettling news,

Disturbing plans,

Hidden agendas,

Clashing clans,


Entitled beliefs,

Oppressive minds,

Barbaric practices,

Destroying mankind,


Caring forgotten,

Empathy lost,

Selfish attitudes,

Insurmountable cost,


Pointing fingers,

Shame game,

Shaking heads,

Passing blame,


No accountability,

Deceptive deeds,

Enormous egos,

Debilitating greed,


Fallible humans,

Emotional too,

Ignorance perhaps?

No Excuse.


Human condition,

Life’s choices,

Guilty conscience,

Innocent voices.


Unconditional love,

Extinction evaded,

Enduring hope,

Evil abated.


It is easier to hate for our differences than to love.

It is easier to be lazy than to be productive.

It is easier to complain then to make a change.

It is easier to concede than to fight.

But nothing that is worth doing, nothing that gives you a sense of fulfillment, nothing that is good – is ever easy.


This morning’s news filled me with fear and then anger (fear breeds anger). In 2017, I should not have to feel this way – no one should have to feel this way.

I believe there is more good in this world than evil. I see it every day in the small things. I see it in the person who holds open the door for someone else. I see it in the “please”, “thank you”, “you’re welcome”, “and have a good day” from strangers. I choose to see it.

Every day I try to be a better person. Do I fail? Do I make mistakes? Heck yeah – that’s what makes me human. But I don’t give up on trying either. I choose to be my true-self, the person who is happiest when I am kind, when I am forgiving. That is my true-self.

We create our own reality and our choices are what creates that reality. We choose to love. We choose to hate. We choose to be happy or angry or sad. We choose to complain. We choose to wallow in self-pity. We choose to make a difference. We choose to work hard. We choose to enact change. We are not born with prejudices – it is learned. We can undo that learning if we choose.

No one is perfect. No one has all the right answers. No one is better than anyone else no matter your race, your religion, your beliefs. If the human race becomes extinct, we have only ourselves to blame. All of us.

It is up to every person to choose to find the good. Stop trying to change other people into what you believe is right, or good, or without sin. Change yourself to be more accepting, loving, kind, understanding and forgiving.

I believe this life is really only about one thing – Love.


© Sandra J. Jackson 2017 Expressions

Strength in Numbers

One moment in time,

One life to live,

You’re my one and only,

To you my heart I give.


Two hearts beat as one,

We’re two of a kind.

Two heads are better than one,

On our love, we’re never of two minds.


To the four corners of the earth,

In your footsteps, I will go.

In seventh heaven and on cloud nine,

Our love continues to grow.


And when we’re behind the eight-ball,

Or an eight-hundred-pound gorilla blocks the way,

Together we’ll eighty-six them,

Together we will stay.


And at the eleventh hour,

When we are old and grey,

If my mind should wander,

And I seem a million miles away,


Remember we bat a thousand,

And our love was twenty-four seven.

We gave it the whole nine yards,

We were up to eleven.


And when we lie down and rest

In our eternal slumber,

May the power of our love show

That two can be strength in numbers.

Out with the Old – Happy New Year!


Another hour, another day

Another year has slipped away.


Memories were made, good and bad

Sometimes happy, sometimes sad.


2016 will soon disappear

As we greet 2017, a brand new year.


Another chance to change, another new start

Let love, joy, and peace flood your heart.


Happy New Year everyone. May peace, love, and joy follow you wherever you go.

Writerly Wednesday – A Thousand Words


We walked through the underground tunnels. The walls were adorned with paintings from various university groups and resident houses. I stopped and studied one particular piece carefully.

At first sight it looked like a jumbled mess of colourful paint but on closer inspection intricate details sprung forward from the design. I stepped closer and read the small messages scratched in ink on top of the painting. Some of the messages seemed typical of twenty-something year olds, but most were sweet and loving.

“Are you coming?” My husband’s voice echoed down the tunnel.

I traced my finger over the word ‘love’. “Be right there.” My eyes continued their inspection. Marked just above the painting was the name of the house. I smiled; it was our son’s house. A tear rolled down my cheek as I looked back from where we’d come.  Our son would be just fine and so would we.

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Love Makes the World Go Round

Love makes the world go round

“Why do so many people call you by so many different names?”

“Because I gave them free will so that they can believe in whatever they want.”

“Why did you do that?”

“So they can decide between good and bad, right and wrong, love and hate.”

“But don’t you want them all to believe in you?”

“I want them all to believe in themselves. I want them all to believe in you.”


“Yes, you.”

“Why me?”

“What did I name you?”


“That’s right.”

“But why love?”

“Because love encompasses everything. It is patient and kind. Love is not jealous or arrogant. It is not rude or resentful. Love does not insist on its own way nor does it rejoice at wrong. Love bears all things, believes, hopes, and endures all things. Love never ends. Love is blind. Love will find a way, and love is all you need. Love is everything and more.”

Love shook her head. “But how can I, one small thing, be so much to so many?”

“You may be small, but your effect is big. You only have to reach the heart and you will radiate. “

“I don’t know if I can do that.”

“Your job is tough, that I won’t deny, but it is also very rewarding. For when you reach their hearts, you will evoke an emotion that they will not want to give up so easily.”

“And what will you do when I’m down there, radiating over them.”

“I will sit here and wait patiently to welcome them home. Because the secret that they don’t know is that it’s not all about me, it’s about you. Love makes the world go round.”

Peace, Love, & Hope

peace, love, hope 3

Pretend you live in a world where

Empathy for your neighbour is

Above all, and where

Compassion and love is the weapon

Even in the face of adversity.

Life would be so different here.

Our hearts would be full,

Values and morals would be important, and

Everyone would feel safe.

However, this fantasy is not real.

Our lives and freedoms are at risk, but we can

Persevere and good can triumph.

Evil has no foothold with peace, love, and hope.

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