Positive Focus

I believe in the law of attraction and have seen it work both positively and negatively. And whether you believe in it or not, you have seen it work too.

Take for instance that time when you forgot to turn on your alarm clock. First, you wake up late. In your haste to drink your coffee, or whatever, you spill it down the front of your shirt. Now you have to change. As the morning progresses you get more frustrated causing other little irritations to occur. Finally, you’re in the car (or maybe you take public transportation). For some reason, you hit every red light possible, or get stuck behind a school bus or other slow-moving vehicle.  When you do make it to work, you’re ten minutes late, maybe more. You keep focusing on these events that made you late, replaying them in your head, telling them to your co-workers. Your day goes from bad to worse. And the more you keep focusing on all those frustrating, irritating, “bad luck” things, the more you’re going to get. You are setting yourself up to receive more because of the negative energy you are putting out into the universe. It’s like you are advertising, “Hey, look at all this crap I’ve dealt with today” and the universe responds with “Hey, you keep focusing on all that crap and sending out all that negative energy. You must like it, so here’s some more. Deal with it.”

Same thing happens when you’re having a great day and everything keeps going your way. Why? Because you are happy and that converts to positive energy and the universe responds with “Hey, you must like all that stuff, let’s give you more.”

Ever notice that the people who complain a lot, seem to have a lot to complain about? – Law of Attraction.

Right now, we need to collectively focus on positive and good news. The terrible things that are happening are filling us with negative thoughts which produces more negative energy.

“Energy is in everything. As we see and feel things, the Universe responds to the messages and energies we are sending out in this world.” – Lynne Demers

Let’s focus on the good, send out positive energy for the world and ourselves. Start small and tell me something good that happened to you today; look for that silver lining.

Celebrate Yourself

dance-436707_1280I was feeling a little defeated on my way home from work today. I had spent the last hour trying to figure out a mistake I’d made but couldn’t quite get it. I still had other things to check; however, it was time to go home. I spent my drive home thinking about it and hoping that I would figure it out in the morning when I look at it with fresh eyes. I told myself to stop worrying about it as there was nothing I could do, I was already on my way home. However,  no matter what I told myself, it still weighed heavily on my mind.

When I arrived home I checked my e-mail. The second I opened it up an e-mail from Go Big Coach – Kristen Howe caught my eye. The subject line read “You are fantastic Sandra!” I read the short e-mail which ended with “I believe in you!” Just reading those two phrases made me feel good and boosted my positive thoughts.

I scrolled down through my e-mail and once again another e-mail from Go Big Coach caught my eye. I opened it up and began reading. It was all about taking the time to celebrate yourself. Seeing the word “celebrate” instantly reminded me of the song “Celebrate” by Kool and the Gang. The lyrics and tune popped into my head and I began singing and dancing and celebrating me (of course this was done in the privacy of my bedroom and office. I didn’t want the kids to think I’d lost my marbles :D).

We all need to take the time to celebrate ourselves, to believe we are good, smart, talented, beautiful or whatever. We seem to have no problem doing the opposite and beating ourselves up. It’s time we make a change. So get up, start singing and dancing, and celebrate all the wonderful things that you are.