Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Mistakes

This week’s photo challenge is hosted by Something to Ponder About. The challenge is to create a post on the theme of Mistakes.

Sophie is ready and waiting. It would be a huge mistake for any bird to look for food in this bird house.

I was on my lunch hour and had just finished feeding the birds as I walked around the park. I still had about half a ziplock baggie of birdseed and was carrying it in my hand. These wild turkeys saw what I had and headed right for me. While I didn’t mind hand-feeding chickadees, downy woodpeckers, and white breasted nuthatches, I was not about to hand-feed these boys. I quickly dumped the bag and they went after the seed allowing me to pass. I would not make that mistake again, and the next time I came across the wild turkeys, I hid the bag inside my jacket.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Unlikely

This week’s challenge – unlikely

When I went for a walk on my lunch hour yesterday I expected to see birds and squirrels, maybe a baby snake (saw one the other day) crossing my path. What I didn’t expect and seemed unlikely was meeting a wild turkey as she strolled down the path toward me. I stopped and watched as she meandered the pebbled trail, stopping occasionally to peck at the ground or look around. As she neared she peeped quietly, looked at me a couple of times completely unfazed by me or that I was taking pictures of her with my cell phone.

I zoomed in and out as I took the pictures. She got so close to me that she barely fit in the frame. I didn’t want to back up for fear of scaring her and took the picture anyway.  And then she continued her journey.