The Shock of it All

The Daily Post – Shock


The shock from the frigid water caused Sarah to gasp for air. Her hands paddled and feet kicked to keep her head above the water. Her heart thumped loud and strong in her ears, if she didn’t get out soon hypothermia would set in, she convinced herself.

Only a few more feet to go, Sarah’s voice screamed inside her head. All the feeling of sleepiness she’d had moments before were erased by the sudden cold. She was wide awake now.

The end was in sight. Soon she’d be free from the gripping cold that numbed her body. All Sarah could think about was getting out, nothing else mattered.

Sarah stretched forward; her hands wrapped around the metal rails. She pulled the rest of her body through the water. Her cold feet climbed up the steps.

Goosebumps rose on her skin and she shivered; her teeth rattled in her head. Sarah hurried toward the chair, grabbed her towel, and wrapped it around her body. She convulsed a final time then settled as warmth slowly spread over her body. She closed her eyes; her muscles relaxed, and her teeth stopped rattling.

Sarah could think of better things to do at 6:00 am on a Saturday morning and swimming lessons with pool temperatures of only 14° C was not one of them. Worst thing was she had to do it again on Sunday.




Photo Challenge – Silence

The Daily Post Photo Challenge – Silence

What does silence look like? Show us your take in a photograph.

These photos were taken with my cell phone a few years ago after a snowfall. It was so quiet and peaceful outside afterward. I walked around and took pictures and was even inspired to write a poem called “Winter’s Peace”. I posted it on this blog a while back but here it is again.

Winter’s Peace

Standing in a field of snow

Wintry breezes start to blow.

Tiny snowflakes flutter down,

Gently falling to the ground.

Pure and white, each flake precise,

Transforming water into ice.

Blanketing ground, leaves and trees

Snowflakes cover all it sees.

While growth and warmth and colours cease

There’s nothing quite like winter’s peace.

The Exam

The Daily Post – Study

“Are you ready?” Mom’s eyebrows rose high on her forehead. The usual ‘good morning’ or ‘did you sleep well?’ clearly would not be a part of our morning’s pre-breakfast banter.

I rolled my eyes. “What do you think?” I pulled a mug out of the cupboard and filled it with coffee, leaving just enough room to add cream and sugar.

“Must have been a late one.” Mom winked as she filled her own mug with coffee.

My eyes watered as a yawn stretched my mouth wide. “Later than I planned.” I’d been studying for days or maybe even weeks; I couldn’t remember. I plunked myself down at the table and closed my eyes.

“Well, you’ll do just fine. Here, I made you breakfast.” Mom placed a plate with scrambled eggs, whole wheat toast, and some fresh fruit in front of me.

I wished I had as much confidence with my studies as she did. “No bacon?” I played in the eggs with my fork.

“Afraid not.”

We ate our breakfast in silence; my brain rattled off everything I’d studied throughout the night and early morning hours. I didn’t bother trying to stop it.

“Well, I’ve got to run.” Mom picked up her empty plate and placed it into the sink. She grabbed her keys and purse and kissed me on top of the head. “Good luck!” She called out as she headed out the door.

I pulled into the testing centre; the clock in the car showed I still had a half hour. I tried to remember the drive, which was much quicker than I’d expected, but it was all a blur.

Once inside, I found a quiet place in the corner of a large waiting area and closed my eyes. I focused my thoughts on my breath, feeling my lungs inflate and deflate. My pulse slowed and the constant chatter in my head quieted.

My eyes opened several minutes later to a room full of people and their quiet chatter. A slow smile spread across my lips as confidence washed over me. I was ready.

More Entertaining than We Thought

The Daily Post – Entertain


Many years ago when I was somewhere around 6-8 years old, my younger sister and I entertained the idea to entertain our extended family. It was our mother’s turn to host the Christmas party which meant aunts, uncles, & cousins from both sides all gathered at our house.

We loved to sing. My sister and I practiced our Christmas carol and when we were ready, we happily performed in the living room – in front of everyone.

“Deck the Halls with Black & Decker…” We sang and boy we nailed it. Our family smiled and laughed and cheered, and we smiled and laughed. Of course, at the time, we didn’t know that those weren’t the real words to that particular Christmas carol but were the words adapted by Black & Decker for their holiday commercials. It was all very entertaining.

#SoCS – Time Anyone Had

The Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt.

It has been some time since I posted a Stream of Consciousness prompt. When I checked it out I thought this could be fun. Anyway, this week’s Stream of Consciousness is to take the 6th, 7th and 8th word from the closest written piece. It just so happens that my WIP is sitting beside me on the couch and Time Anyone Had are the 6th, 7th & 8th word from the top of the page.

Time really is one of those things that sometimes seems elusive but is it really? We all say there aren’t enough hours in the day or we’re running out of time, or a dozen other things. But I think Time Anyone Had is something we can find if we really want to.