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A big thank you to Sally from Smorgasbord – Variety is the Spice of Life and congratulations to authors Jan Sikes and John W. Howell.

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

Welcome to the first of the review posts this week and the first author celebrating is Sandra J. Jackson with a new review for Promised Souls.

About the book

Just as Krista’s summer plans are finalized, she is suddenly plagued by strange dreams and intense feelings of déjà vu. Feeling as though she’s losing her mind, she visits a psychic medium, only to feel more confused. When Krista arrives in England, her dreams persist, and she finds herself at the doorstep of another psychic; she needs clarity. Finally, the words she was afraid to say out loud, are spoken. Now Krista has to figure out what it all means. Promised Soul is the story of the past, the present, and the future of two souls that have been bound together by eternal and transcending love.

One of the recent reviews for the book.

Fantastic! on November…

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Facing Fears

The Daily Post – Sludge

The sludge oozed and squished out from between my toes as I stood ankle deep in the cool water. I wiggled my toes, burying my feet deeper and tilted my head back. There was no light in the inky sky – no moon, no stars. The blackness enveloped me and spurred me further. My eyes strained for a tiny speck, a glimmer of light from a distant star. An imperceptible part of me, perhaps from my heart or my soul, searched for hope, but I became lost in the darkness.

I exhaled, focusing on the way the air emptied from my lungs and expelled out my parted lips. I could feel every cell in my body, every firing neuron, the blood in my veins and arteries.  The water crept up to my waist; my hands brushed over the surface, and my fingers caught the lily pads that surrounded me.

Neck deep, I leaned back. Weeds tangled around my legs. Years ago I would never have dipped in a toe let alone immersed my whole body. My eyes searched the sky again, one last ditch effort. Seeing nothing, my hands gripped the long tendrils from pond plants, and I twisted them around my wrists and closed my eyes.

I took a deep breath and pushed my head further under the water. The murky liquid filled my ears and amplified my beating heart. I opened my eyes. A point of light shimmered and warped above me. I pulled my hand free from the weeds and reached out. The thumping in my ears grew louder; my lungs burned. I pulled my other hand free and paddled furiously toward the surface.

My lungs filled with the warm night air. I coughed and sputtered. With the remaining strength I had in both body and mind I broke the bonds that tied me to the pond and made my way to shore and collapsed.

A gentle breeze stirred the night sky, pushing away the clouds and revealing a brilliant starlit sky. Tears fell and a sigh of relief escaped my lips.

For years my fear of the pond, the sludge, the water, the weeds, had prevented me from enjoying so many things at our camp – canoeing and swimming off the nearby dock. And now that I had conquered my fear, I knew that I could conquer anything.

The Daily Post – Photo Challenge – Experimental



A few years ago, before my first book Promised Soul was published, I posted it on Wattpad. It is a great site to get feedback on your writing.

When you post a story on Wattpad you also have to post a book cover. You can use some of their templates or post your own. I decided to design my own and so experimented with a few different book cover designs.

I don’t remember which one was my first idea or my last so the following pictures are in no particular order.

When it comes to being creative, I love experimenting.

Unsuspecting Suspected Honk

The Daily Post – Honk


Greg’s hand rested on the centre of the steering wheel.  He waited for his wife, Dee, and their teenage daughter, Hayley, to emerge from the house. He placed a wager with himself, who would come out first – wife or daughter? He hoped the former and then waited.

Dee stepped outside and walked down the walk to the waiting car parked in the driveway that ran passed the walkway. She locked eyes with her husband as he looked at her through his side window and smiled. Dee knew what he planned as she stepped in front of the vehicle.

Greg pressed the centre of the wheel and a loud honk blasted into the air. But like always Dee did not flinch. She glared at him through the windshield, gave him the finger, and smiled before climbing into the passenger seat.

“Why do you do that?” Dee asked. “You’re never going to get me.” She closed the car door.

“Practice,”Greg said and winked.

Minutes later Haley appeared at the front door. Greg and Dee watched as their daughter walked down the walk. Greg rubbed his hands together and chuckled. Dee rolled her eyes.

The second Hayley stepped in front of the car, Greg pressed the horn. Once again a loud honk blasted into the air. This time, however, Greg achieved the result he’d wanted and Haley jumped.

“Aargh!” Haley climbed into the back. “Why do you always do that?”

Greg smiled at his daughter through the rearview mirror. “’Cause you always jump.”

“Well stop, it’s not funny.” Hayley buckled her belt.

“… Ah, it kinda is!” Greg said.

“Mom?” Hayley whined.

“You know, Hayley, what’s funny is not that you always jump, but that you always fall for it.”


Based on a true story. 🙂

One Last Time

Daily Prompt – Strut

Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.


Morgan picked up her cell phone again and checked the time, two more minutes and Sam would be eight minutes late. She turned her phone off and put it back in her bag.

There hadn’t been many unoccupied tables in the busy library when Morgan had arrived fifteen minutes earlier. Their usual place at the back had already been taken, and she hoped Sam wouldn’t mind the only other choice. At least from her vantage point Morgan would be able to see Sam approaching, and he wouldn’t be able to sneak back out without her seeing him.

Morgan tapped her fingers on the book she’d picked out. She’d had it turned over so that no one could see the title on the front cover. Their meeting was bittersweet – the beginning of the end.

The door opened and pulled Morgan’s attention pulled away from the book. Sam stepped inside the library and glanced around the room. His strut toward a table full of girls was one of confidence bordering arrogance. His brilliant smile set off a chain reaction from the group of girls as one by one their faces erupted into toothy grins. Sam’s good looks and charm commanded attention. He leaned against the table, something he said made the girls giggle and flip their hair.

Morgan rolled her eyes and tapped the book as she waited for Sam. If she didn’t know him, she’d think he was full of himself. After a few more minutes of chit-chat, Sam headed toward their table, his strut as confident and sure as ever.

“Sorry.” Sam pulled out a chair and sat down.

“That’s okay.” Morgan pulled the book over and held it in her hands. “Are you ready?” She smiled; her eyebrows rose with her questioning voice.

“Do we have to do this today?” Sam looked around the full room. His Adam’s apple bobbed up and down as he swallowed. The confidence he’d shown earlier had disappeared the moment he sat down. He looked more like a little boy than a young man of twenty-four.

Morgan nodded and placed the book in front of Sam. She reached across the table and gave his hands a squeeze. “You have come a long way. You should be proud. Own it. You exuded confidence with those girls back there.” Morgan tilted her head in the direction of the girls.

Sam shrugged. “It’s an act.”

Morgan squeezed Sam’s hands again. “You don’t have to act anymore, though maybe tone it down just a touch. You know – a little less full of yourself.” She smiled.

Sam gave a shy half smile and nodded. “Yeah, okay.” He flipped the book over and stared at the title and then lifted his eyes to meet Morgan’s.

Morgan nodded. “You can read now, Sam. Anything you want. No one will ever know that a year ago you struggled with Dick and Jane.”

“The Old Man and the Sea, by Earnest Hemingway,” Sam whispered the title. “Hemingway?” He looked back at Morgan.

“Yes, Sam, even Hemingway. Now let’s get started, I want you to read to me one last time.”

Smorgasbord Book Promotion – Air Your Reviews – Sandra J. Jackson, Kim Cox and Chuck Jackson

Thanks to Sally Cronin for her book promotion. Check out Smorgasbord – Variety is the Spice of Life.

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

The first review is for the recently published book by Sandra J. JacksonPlaying in the Rain ( Escape Series Book 1).

About Playing in the Rain

There’s nothing harder than pretending to be unaware, robotic even, but that’s exactly what A2 has to do once the drug starts wearing off. Constantly being followed by the camera’s red eye, A2 is mindful of her every move as she tries to understand where she is and why. Things get more complicated for her when she is introduced to another robotic girl.

Who is she and how did they both get there?

A recent review for the book

“Both Bethany and I realized that the room was transforming into our tomb.”

Though the author has been talking about this book for a while, the content and subject matter always seemed a bit…

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Photo Challenge – Temporary

Since I’m just too tired to write something for the The Daily Post word prompt I thought I would do the Photo Challenge prompt instead.  The prompt is to post a picture depicting the word Temporary. When you think about it in the grand scheme of things, just about everything is temporary.


Ice is pretty temporary. As destructive as ice storms can be, the coating of ice left behind is quite beautiful. These pictures were taken after an ice storm in 2013.