Unsuspecting Suspected Honk

The Daily Post – Honk



Greg’s hand rested on the centre of the steering wheel.  He waited for his wife, Dee, and their teenage daughter, Hayley, to emerge from the house. He placed a wager with himself, who would come out first – wife or daughter? He hoped the former and then waited.

Dee stepped outside and walked down the walk to the waiting car parked in the driveway that ran passed the walkway. She locked eyes with her husband as he looked at her through his side window and smiled. Dee knew what he planned as she stepped in front of the vehicle.

Greg pressed the centre of the wheel and a loud honk blasted into the air. But like always Dee did not flinch. She glared at him through the windshield, gave him the finger, and smiled before climbing into the passenger seat.

“Why do you do that?” Dee asked. “You’re never going to get me.” She closed the car door.

“Practice,”Greg said and winked.

Minutes later Haley appeared at the front door. Greg and Dee watched as their daughter walked down the walk. Greg rubbed his hands together and chuckled. Dee rolled her eyes.

The second Hayley stepped in front of the car, Greg pressed the horn. Once again a loud honk blasted into the air. This time, however, Greg achieved the result he’d wanted and Haley jumped.

“Aargh!” Haley climbed into the back. “Why do you always do that?”

Greg smiled at his daughter through the rearview mirror. “’Cause you always jump.”

“Well stop, it’s not funny.” Hayley buckled her belt.

“… Ah, it kinda is!” Greg said.

“Mom?” Hayley whined.

“You know, Hayley, what’s funny is not that you always jump, but that you always fall for it.”


Based on a true story. 🙂

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