Book Review – The Ice Hunters

The Ice Hunters (The Dark World Series Book 3) by [Kell Frillman]

The Ice Hunters by Kell Frillman

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ruby is on her way up to The Dome along with Gerard, a Flatfoot, who saved her from The Complex. When they arrive, nothing is as they expected. Free-Earthers, clans who live outside The Dome, have taken over, and now all those who worked for the government inside The Dome are imprisoned. Myla, the leader of the clans, wants Ruby to trust her, but can she? And what will living on the surface inside The Dome be like, surely it can’t be worse than underground in The Complex?

This story starts off where the last book ended. I had not read the first book in the series but did read the second quite some time ago. Much like the second book, there is enough background story to reacquaint the reader with the characters and the storyline. It didn’t take long to catch up.

I quite enjoyed this story. It is a fast read with great imagery. There are some tense scenes and the author does a good job showing the emotion. There are few typos and grammatical errors, and the story held my interest to the end.

The prose in some places was a bit flowery and at times pulled me from the story. There were also instances of misplaced actions/emotions within dialogue between characters. Whereas character B’s shrug is found at the end of character A’s dialogue instead of before their own subsequent dialogue. I first thought it was a formatting issue, but it happened enough to cause some confusion as to who was speaking etc.

The Ice Hunters is the third book of a series by Author Kell Frillman.

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