Dragon’s Loyalty Award for Bloggers

I was nominated for the “Dragon’s Loyalty Award” a number of weeks ago and I am finally getting around to posting my thank you. So Thank you to Cat in the Cactus – Cathy for nominating me. Sorry it took me so long to accept.

The Rules for participating:


  1. Display the Award Certificate on your website
  2. Announce your win with a post and link to whoever presented your Award
  3. Present 15 Awards to deserving Bloggers
  4. Drop them a comment to tip them off after you’ve linked them in the post
  5. Post 7 interesting things about yourself

Dragon’s Loyalty Award Certificate

Dragons Loyalty Award image

The Bloggers I nominate are ..

  1. A Momma’s View 
  2. Butterfly Mind
  3. LindaGhill
  4. MissMonsoon
  5. YesterdayAfter

So I’m kind of bending a rule here. The rules state that I must name 15 bloggers and I would gladly do so. However, my internet is slow so flipping back and forth between bloggers to get their links is taking me a long time. So I am stopping at 5 even though I could nominate more than 15.

Don’t feel obliged to participate.

Here are 7 things about myself:

My favourite insect is the dragonfly.

I hate olives. Though I hadn’t tried any in years I just knew I didn’t like them. One day a few years ago I was eating a turkey sub. I was enjoying it until about half way through. I took a bite and yuck! What was that? I opened it up and there was a small piece of green olive that had been mixed in with the lettuce. So, I know I don’t like olives.

My dream vacation would be to visit the UK.

I love being by the ocean but I don’t care to swim in it. I don’t mind going as deep as my waist but that’s about it.

I love gemstones of all kinds.

My favourite artist is Monet.

I love chocolate and peanut butter. They are my two favourite flavour combinations.


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